Lynn Maverick Art
Lynn Maverick Art
  • Watercolor Workshop,Tour in Ajijic, Mexico, August. Interested? Unique fun.

    Send your email to my email and title it art tour interest. I'll send you full details. Affordable. 

    Lynn has been teaching small art classes at Inspire Fine Art Center for six years after retiring from Public School art teaching. She has been involved in creating her own art for most of her life, has shown at several exhibits,  Her main medium is watercolor, and she also paints in acrylic.. 

    Lynn's classes at  Inspire Fine Art Center, 1943 N. N. New Braunfels.78208, begin the week of Jne 10, 2018.

    Wonderful Watercolor: Mondays:6:00 to 8:00pm

    Pet Portraits Wednesdays, 4:00 to 6:00pm

    Lynn's SUMMER Classes Described

    WONDERFUL WATERCOLOR AND DRAWING  is an 8 week class beginning in the Summer, June 11 to to July 25, ,2018, at 6-8PM. Learn techniques to render imaginative and realistic paintings,  as  flowers, or several  more of your choosen subjects in beautiful transparent layered watercolor. Other explorative techniques are also an option. This 8 week class meets once a week. for 2 hours. The cost is $206.00. Register with teacher through paypal or by calling Inspire 210 829-5592. by June 7, Class size limited.

    PAINTING PET PORTAITS: Paint your favorite Pet Or An intriguing animal in the wild. Show their personality, expressively. The medium will be acrylic on canvas for texture and other possible techniques. Though,watercolor with experience, is also an option. Wednesdays, 4 to 6pm. June 13 to July  25. 7 weeks. 180.00

    end of Lynn's summer classes

    Basic WATERCOLOR ( not offered at present)  is a 5 week class, meeting from  to February 26, to March 26, Mondays 2018, from 6:00 to 8:00pm. You will learn the basic techniques of watercolor to begin a balanced composition. Practicing and finished work will be created in this fun and informative class.   The class is 140.00 and can be paid through paypal with my email or by calling Inspire Fine Art Center.

    DRAWING DYNAMICS: Not offered for Summer.Wednesdays 6-8PM. $235.00 for 8 weeks , 2 hr class. Use several techniques to see your subjects and render belivable and creative drawings. 

    BASIC DRAWING-extended" Focus, Human Form. ( not offered  at present time) This class meets for 5 weeks from to February 28 to March 28, from 6:00 to 8:pm. Seeing is drawing. Your teacher will guide you through simple  to more thorough techniques to discover the delight and focus of drawing. Drawing can be used for beginnings to other artistic mediums and also intriguing finished art pieces. The class  is 140.00 if registered and paid to the teacher, Lynn to paypal with my email address or call Inspire Fine Art Center. 210 439-1824


    There is a class minimum of 3 students and a maximum of 9 students.    Registration deadline is 5 days before start of class. Please. 


    Students will get a class supply list when they register. You can also contact me previously (210-439-1824), or by email,to registration to get an idea of the supplies needed.

    Payment and registration: FOR PAYING THROUGH PAYPAL, MY EMAIL IS

      pay pal is set up. Go to registration at top of home page, or  Please email me or call me at 210-439-1824 to make arrangements.

    You can also register at Inspire by calling them at 210-829-5592

    Questions?? Sometimes emails work, but if you head your email with "questions about Lynn's classes", I will be more likely to see it .  My email is

    BOOK SIGNING: . Old Villita and Villita Continues. by Maury Maverick and Lynn Maverick Denzer.


       Old Villita and La Villita Continues, my just released book is 2 books in one. It is a reprint of the 1939, Old Villita by the Works Progress Administration, and Maury Maverick, Mayor,  and my La Villita Continues which tells the historical story. This Village story, closely intwined with San Antonios Alamo is full of drawings and my watercolors, and some surprising documents. 

    Inspire Fine Art Center

    1943 N. New Braunfels. San Antonio, 78208

    210 439-1824, 210 829-5592

    Hours at Inspire, and can vary with teacher.


    1943 N. New Braunfels, 78208

    Drop us a line! Any questions?



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